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How to Tell If a Luxury Watch Dealer Sells Authentic Watches

To be sure that your watch is authentic, there are a number of things you should become familiar with before purchasing your watch. This should be done in order to protect your potential investment and to be sure that you are not wasting your money on a scam or otherwise illegitimate timepiece.


Some watch buyers believe that the only place from which you can safely purchase authentic timepieces is directly from the manufacturer. While thinking in this manner is one of the safest ways to make sure that you are getting 'the real deal', it is also one of the most expensive and sometimes themost complicated places from which an authentic watch can be purchased. Tthere are a number of alternate venues from which an individual may be able to purchase authentic watches, even those which are brand name or luxury watches. The trick to purchasing authentic watches from these alternate venues is to make sure that you are not being swindled. For more info in regards to harry_winston have a look at our own web-site.

One of the quickest ways to determine whether or not a seller is selling authentic watches would be to call the watch dealer and ask them if their watches are truly authentic. When you call the watch dealer, pay attention to determine whether or not you get a machine or voicemail during normal business hours or if you get a live person. If you want to email them, go over their reply to see if they have anything unprofessional about their email, which may be an indication of them not being legitimate - after all, if you had a business you would want all correspondence to be as professional as possible and this includes spelling!

Ask the potential seller if they accept credit cards as a form of payment. Most credit card companies will offer their client special protection against fraud. If the person you are in contact with will only take cash or money orders, beware! This is a sign of a scam. Also make inquiries about the company's warranties and return policy.

Most watch companies will offer warranties for at least two years and will have a thirty day return policy. It is best not to purchase from companies that have a return policy time limit of less than thirty days.

Look online for information about the individual or company from which you are considering a watch purchase. In the United States, the Better Business Bureau can provide detailed information about companies located within the country. You can also find out, using the Better Business Bureau or online search engines, how long the company has been in business. If they are a new company, you might want to be more cautious about purchasing from them - they are more likely to be a fly-by-night establishment.

eBay and other auction sites are great for finding rare and inexpensive treasures. To some, this does include authentic watches. Sellers on eBay have profiles and most have a substantial amount of feedback. Go through the feedback of potential sellers to see what their customers think of them, their service and their products! If someone has been scammed by an eBay seller, you can typically find that information in their feedback section.

In order to make sure the watches on eBay are legitimate, it is easy to send a message to the seller. Ask them the necessary questions to prove legitimacy of the watch. If the seller does not get back in touch with you and respond to your questions and comments, try finding another source from which to purchase your timepiece(s). Watches will have their own specific markings in order to prove that they are authentic. For example, diver's watches are engraved with the word DIVER in order to make it clear that they meet the standards set forth for diving watches. The same is true for manufacturers. Each manufacturer has their own signature to prove it is legitimately one of their time pieces, such as their letter engraved on the watch. Check your watch for its serial number - it should still be intact. You can take your watch to a jeweler, who can verify whether or not it is legitimate, or call the manufacturer with the watch's serial number in order to verify it.

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